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Bourgault 5710-59 Air Drill

Selected Dimensions

Frame Widths
B. Transport Width23 ft in7 m
C. Transport Height17.4 ft in5.3 m


Base Size
Number of Sections5
Rank to Rank Spacing24.5 in62.2 cm
Frame Depth102 in259.1 cm
Caster to Packer Depth1 in2.5 cm
Working Width
10 in Spacing58.7 ft in17.9 m
12 in Spacing58.7 ft in17.9 m
10 in Spacing31779.6 lb14415 kg
12 in Spacing30020.3 lb13617 kg
Main Frame Casters12.5Lx15FI
Inner Wing Casters11Lx15FI
Outer Wing Casters9.5Lx15FI
Rear Transport Wheels11Lx15FI
Frame Widths
Main Frame15.7 ft in4.8 m
Inner Wing12.5 ft in3.8 m
Outer Wing8.9 ft in2.7 m
Transport Width23 ft in7 m
Transport Height17.4 ft in5.3 m