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Current number of specifications

Bourgault 5725-60 Air Drill

Selected Dimensions

Frame Widths
B. Transport Width25.9 ft in7.9 m
C. Transport Height18 ft in5.5 m


Base Size
Number of Sections3
Number of Ranks2
Rank to Rank Spacing59.1 in150 cm
Frame Depth102 in259 cm
Caster to Packer Depth0.98 in2.5 cm
Working Width
10 in Spacing63.6 ft in19.4 m
12 in Spacing63 ft in19.2 m
10 in Spacing37000.2 lb16783 kg
Frame Widths
Main Frame15.7 ft in4.8 m
Inner Wing12.5 ft in3.8 m
Outer Wing9.8 ft in3 m
Transport Width25.9 ft in7.9 m
Transport Height18 ft in5.5 m