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Case IH ATX700 60ft Air Drill

Selected Dimensions

Frame Widths
B. Transport Width17.7 ft in5.4 m
C. Transport Height13.5 ft in4.1 m


Base Size
Base Width60 ft in18.3 m
Number of Sections5
Number of Ranks4
Rank to Rank Spacing26 in66 cm
Frame Depth108 in274.3 cm
Minimum Ground Clearance28 in71.1 cm
Caster to Packer Depth148 in375.9 cm
Number of Shanks
7.5 in Spacing96
10 in Spacing72
12 in Spacing60
7.5 in Spacing36300 lb16465.4 kg
10 in Spacing32800 lb14877.8 kg
12 in Spacing31100 lb14106.7 kg
Main Frame Casters11Lx15 FI
Inner Wing Casters11Lx15 FI
Outer Wing Casters11Lx15 FI
Rear Transport Wheels11Lx15 FI
Frame Widths
Main Frame10 ft in3 m
Inner Wing15 ft in4.6 m
Outer Wing10 ft in3 m
Transport Width17.7 ft in5.4 m
Transport Height13.5 ft in4.1 m