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Selected Dimensions

B. Transport Width16 ft in4876.8 mm
C. Transport Height14.6 ft in4450.1 mm


Disc System
Spacing #19 in228.6 mm
Spacing #210.5 in266.7 mm
Blade Diameter24 in609.6 mm
Blade Thickness0.28 in7 mm
Depth Control2 cylinder series system
Working Width Spacing #1 min19.5 ft in5943.6 mm
Working Width Spacing #1 Max25 ft in7620 mm
Working Width Spacing #2 min18.5 ft in5638.8 mm
Working Width Spacing #2 Max25 ft in7620 mm
Transport Width16 ft in4876.8 mm
Transport Height14.6 ft in4450.1 mm
PTO Power Required per Width Ft.7 hp5.2 kw
Main Frame Tires18' to 20'-L/R "C" (3)
Wing Tires18' to 25'-L/R "C" (1)