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John Deere 7310R MFWD Tractor


MFWD axle ground clearance with standard MFWD tyres19.5 in495.3 mm
MFWD115.2 in2926.1 mm
Rated engine speed2,100 rpm
Compression ratio16.0:1
LubricationFull-pressure, full-flow filtration with bypass
PTO Power260 hp193.9 kw
PTO torque rise40%
Max Power341 hp254.3 kw
AspirationDual turbochargers, variable geometry turbo with fixed geometry turbo in series
DescriptionJohn Deere PowerTech PSS 9.0L Engine: B20 Diesel Compatible, in-line, 6-cylinder, wet-sleeve with 4 valves-in-head
Oil FilterReplaceable cartridge-style
Power boost (available in transport and/or mobile PTO applications)10%
Bore and Stroke4.66 in. (118 mm) x 5.35 in. (136 mm)
Filter, engine airDual stage
Displacement549 cu in9 L
Total cold cranking amps1850 (2-925CCA grp 31 batteries) amps
DescriptionTwo batteries in parallel
Alternator/batteryStandard: 200 amps/12 Volt Available: 240 amps/12 Volt
Fuel System
Fuel tank capacityFuel-tank capacity PST, G47/48 475L (125 gal) Fuel-tank capacity IVT, G47/48 520L (137 gal.) Fuel-tank capacity PST, G49 — 497L (131 gal) Fuel-tank capacity IVT, G49 — 543L (143 gal)
DescriptionElectronically controlled, high-pressure common-rail with electric fuel transfer pump (self priming)
Filter Primary10 micron replaceable cartridge with water indication sensor and drain
Filter Secondary2 micron spin-on element
Filter systemTwo-stage with water separator and service-indicator light
DEF Tank Capacity6 gal22.7 L
Required fuel typeUltralow sulfur diesel (B20 diesel compatible)
Power Take-Off(PTO)
PTO Speeds @ Engine rpmRear Independent- 540/1,000 at 1,950 engine rpm; 540E/1,000E PTO at 1,750 engine rpm . Front Independent- PTO Speed at engine RPM (1:2 ratio) 1,000 PTO rpm at 1,940E rpm WHEELBASE
e23 Transmission 50K, 31 mph (50 km/hStandard 50 kph @ 1900 rpm w/grp 48 tires, 50kph @ 1800 rpm w/grp 49 tires)
John Deere Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT), 26 mph (40 km/hAvailable
John Deere Infinitely Variable Transmission (IVT), 31 mph (50 km/h)Available
e23 Transmission 40K, 26 mph (40 km/h)Standard 40 kph @ 1600 rpm w/grp 48 tires, 40kph @ 1520 rpm w/grp 49 tires
Hydraulic power-steeringStandard: Load Sensing, Hydrostatic, Flow Metering with a 406mm diameter steering wheel
Active Command Steering (ACS)Available: Variable ratio 15:1 to 23:1 (3.1-5.0 turns lock to lock) w/Stability Augmentation and passive tactile feedback-345mm diameter steering wheel HYDRAULIC SYSTEM
TLS25738 lb11674.6 kg
RearGroup 48/49 tires available as Singles/Duals
Maximum operating pressure2958 psi20394.7 kPa
Available flow at front SCVs33 U.S. gpm (126 L/min)
SCV control3, 4 Standard, 5 and 6 Available
DescriptionClosed-center, pressure and flow compensated
Main pump, axial piston (displacement)63 cc standard 85 cc available
Rated flowRated flow, 63 cc pump 43 U.S. gpm (162 L/min) Rated flow, 85 cc pump 59 U.S. gpm (223.3 L/min) Available flow at a single rear SCV 35 U.S. gpm (132 L/min
Available flow at a single rear SCV35 U.S. gpm (132 L/min)
DiameterRear Axle Diameters: 3.94 x 100.4 in. (100 x 2550 mm) diameter Available — 3.94 x 110.5 in. (100 x 2808 mm) diameter Available — 3.94 x 118.5 in. (100 x 3012 mm) diameter Available — 4.33 x 100.4 in. (110 x 2550 mm) diameter — Available 4.33 x 118.5 in. (110 x 3012 mm) diameter — Available 4.72 x 100.4 in. (120 x 2550 mm) diameter — Available 4.72 x 118.5 in. (120 x 3012 mm) diameter
1300 Series MFWD, tread range 60 to 88 in. (1524 to 2235 mm)Standard
Triple link SuspensionFront Axle: Triple Link Suspension Plus (TLS), tread range 60 to 88 in. (1524 to 2235 mm) Available Triple Link Suspension Plus (TLS), with front brakes, available with 40 km/h transmissions (standard with 50 km/h transmissions) - Available
Final Drive
DescriptionInboard planetary, three pinion
3-Point Hitch
DescriptionCategory 3N, available Premium Front Hitch for use with ground-engaging front implements
Lift Capacities - Standard11464 lb5200 kg