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Caterpillar PM102 Cold Planer

Selected Dimensions

A. Operating Length35.3 ft in10755 mm
B. Shipping Width8.3 ft in2535 mm
C. Shipping Height10.2 ft in3100 mm
D. Shipping Length27.9 ft in8505 mm
E. Max Operating Height11.2 ft in3400 mm
F. Max Truck Clearance15.7 ft in4800 mm


Model3126B ATAAC Engine
Gross Power228 hp170 kw
Net Power212 hp158.1 kw
Power Measured @2200 rpm
Displacement439.4 cu in7.2 L
Operating Weight - Full Load38801.4 lb17600 kg
Shipping Weight - Empty38801.4 lb17600 kg
Fuel Capacity105.7 gal400 L
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity29.1 gal110 L
Water Spray System Fluid Capacity280 gal1060 L
Engine Oil Capacity8.2 gal31 L
Cooling System Fluid Capacity9.2 gal35 L
Operational Voltage24 V
Alternator Supplied Amperage65 amps
Operating Speed88.6 ft/min27 m/min
Travel Speed2.5 mph4.1 km/h
Rotary Cutter
Cutting Width3.3 ft in1000 mm
Cutting Depth12 in305 mm
Number of Tools98
Tool Spacing15 in381 mm
Conveyor System
Collecting Conveyor Width21.7 in550 mm
Discharge Conveyor Swing (R/L)41 degrees
Operating Length35.3 ft in10755 mm
Shipping Length27.9 ft in8505 mm
Shipping Width8.3 ft in2535 mm
Shipping Height10.2 ft in3100 mm
Max Operating Height11.2 ft in3400 mm
Max Truck Clearance15.7 ft in4800 mm