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Caterpillar 374F L Hydraulic Excavator

Selected Dimensions

Boom/Stick Option
A. Shipping Length of Unit43.4 ft in13230 mm
C. Shipping Height of Unit16.4 ft in4990 mm
I. Max Cutting Height31.3 ft in9550 mm
J. Max Loading Height29.5 ft in9000 mm
K. Max Reach Along Ground46.7 ft in14230 mm
L. Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth28 ft in8530 mm
M. Max Digging Depth31.7 ft in9650 mm
B. Width to Outside of Tracks9 ft in2750 mm
D. Length of Track on Ground15.4 ft in4705 mm
E. Ground Clearance2.8 ft in840 mm
G. Height to Top of Cab13 ft in3970 mm
H. Tail Swing Radius13.2 ft in4015 mm
O. Counterweight Clearance5.1 ft in1540 mm
F. Track Gauge9 ft in2750 mm


ModelCat C15 ACERT
Gross Power472 hp352 kw
Net Power472 hp352 kw
Displacement927.6 cu in15.2 L
Operating Weight156881 lb71160 kg
Fuel Capacity261.5 gal990 L
Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure4980 psi34335.9 kPa
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity227.2 gal/min860 L/min
Track Gauge9 ft in2750 mm
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 1
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 1Reach Boom 7.8m
Shipping Height of Unit16.4 ft in4990 mm
Shipping Length of Unit43.4 ft in13230 mm
Max Digging Depth31.7 ft in9650 mm
Max Reach Along Ground46.7 ft in14230 mm
Max Cutting Height31.3 ft in9550 mm
Max Loading Height29.5 ft in9000 mm
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth28 ft in8530 mm
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 2
Shipping Height of Unit15.3 ft in4650 mm
Shipping Length of Unit43.7 ft in13310 mm
Max Digging Depth30 ft in9130 mm
Max Reach Along Ground44.9 ft in13690 mm
Max Cutting Height29.6 ft in9020 mm
Max Loading Height28.3 ft in8640 mm
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth25.7 ft in7840 mm
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 3
Shipping Height of Unit14.8 ft in4520 mm
Shipping Length of Unit43.7 ft in13330 mm
Max Digging Depth28.2 ft in8590 mm
Max Reach Along Ground43.2 ft in13170 mm
Max Cutting Height27.8 ft in8460 mm
Max Loading Height10.8 ft in3300 mm
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth23.4 ft in7130 mm
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 4
Shipping Height of Unit14.1 ft in4300 mm
Shipping Length of Unit44.1 ft in13430 mm
Max Digging Depth25.7 ft in7830 mm
Max Reach Along Ground41.1 ft in12530 mm
Max Cutting Height25.2 ft in7680 mm
Max Loading Height13.3 ft in4060 mm
Max Vertical Wall Dig Depth21.9 ft in6660 mm
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 5
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 5Mass Boom 7.0 m
Shipping Height of Unit15.5 ft in4720 mm
Shipping Length of Unit41.4 ft in12620 mm
Max Digging Depth25.1 ft in7650 mm
Max Reach Along Ground38.9 ft in11850 mm
Max Cutting Height24.6 ft in7510 mm
Max Loading Height10 ft in3060 mm
Max Vertical Wall Dig Depth14.5 ft in4410 mm
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 6
Shipping Height of Unit15.2 ft in4630 mm
Shipping Length of Unit41.5 ft in12660 mm
Max Digging Depth23.7 ft in7230 mm
Max Reach Along Ground37.6 ft in11460 mm
Max Cutting Height23.2 ft in7070 mm
Max Loading Height23.2 ft in7070 mm
Max Vertical Wall Dig Depth13.3 ft in4040 mm
Width to Outside of Tracks9 ft in2750 mm
Height to Top of Cab13 ft in3970 mm
Ground Clearance2.8 ft in840 mm
Counterweight Clearance5.1 ft in1540 mm
Tail Swing Radius13.2 ft in4015 mm
Length of Track on Ground15.4 ft in4705 mm