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Current number of specifications

JCB 2CX Streetmaster Loader Backhoe

Selected Dimensions

J. Load Height - Std9.2 ft in2809 mm
K. Reach From Swivel - Std13.1 ft in3980 mm
L. Dig Depth - Std10 ft in3053 mm
M. Reach at Load Height - Std4.6 ft in1406 mm
A. Transport Length17.7 ft in5400 mm
B. Transport Width6.1 ft in1850 mm
C. Transport Height8.9 ft in2720 mm
D. Wheelbase6.5 ft in1990 mm
E. Ground Clearance1 ft in310 mm
G. Clearance at Max Dump Height6.6 ft in2000 mm
H. Reach at Max Dump Height2.7 ft in830 mm
I. Dig Depth3.9 in100 mm


Gross Power74.2 hp55.3 kw
Net Power69.1 hp51.5 kw
Power Measured @2000 rpm
Torque Measured @1200 rpm
Net Max Torque300 lb ft406.7 Nm
Displacement268.5 cu in4.4 L
Fuel Capacity21.9 gal83 L
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity21.9 gal83 L
Oil System Fluid Capacity4 gal15 L
Cooling System Fluid Capacity4.8 gal18 L
Transmission Fluid Capacity4.5 gal17 L
Front Axle Fluid Capacity2.4 gal9 L
Rear Axle Fluid Capacity2.4 gal9 L
Tire Size Front - 2wd / 4wd12.5x18x10
Rear Tires Size 2wd/4wd12.5x18x10
Operating Voltage12 V
Alternator Supplied Amperage95 amps
Number of Forward Gears4
Number of Reverse Gears4
Max Speed - Forward21.3 mph34.2 km/h
Max Speed Reverse21.3 mph34.2 km/h
Dig Depth - Std10 ft in3053 mm
Dig Depth - Ext12.1 ft in3701 mm
Reach From Swivel - Std13.1 ft in3980 mm
Reach From Swivel - Ext15.1 ft in4600 mm
Bucket Dig Force - Std9259 lb4199.8 kg
Bucket Dig Force - Ext9259 lb4199.8 kg
Load at Max Lift - Std1810 lb821 kg
Load at Max Lift - Ext1607.2 lb729 kg
Load Height - Std9.2 ft in2809 mm
Load Height - Ext10.6 ft in3235 mm
Reach at Load Height - Std4.6 ft in1406 mm
Reach at Load Height - Ext6.2 ft in1897 mm
Bucket Capacity0.78 yd30.6 m3
Bucket Width72.8 in1850 mm
Bucket Breakout Force11162 lb49.7 kN
Lift Capacity at Full Height4624 lb2097.4 kg
Clearance at Max Dump Height6.6 ft in2000 mm
Reach at Max Dump Height2.7 ft in830 mm
Dig Depth3.9 in100 mm
Pump Typeopen centre system
Pump Flow Capacity20.9 gal/min79 L/min
Relief Valve Pressure3335 psi22994 kPa
Transport Length17.7 ft in5400 mm
Transport Width6.1 ft in1850 mm
Transport Height8.9 ft in2720 mm
Height to Top of Suspended Cab8.7 ft in2650 mm
Wheelbase6.5 ft in1990 mm
Ground Clearance1 ft in310 mm