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John Deere 710G Loader Backhoe

Selected Dimensions

J. Load Height - Std14.3 ft in4340 mm
K. Reach From Swivel - Std22.5 ft in6860 mm
L. Dig Depth - Std17.8 ft in5440 mm
M. Reach at Load Height - Std26.7 ft in8130 mm
A. Transport Length26.8 ft in8150 mm
B. Transport Width7.9 ft in2410 mm
C. Transport Height13.8 ft in4220 mm
D. Wheelbase8.2 ft in2511 mm
E. Ground Clearance1.2 ft in356 mm
F. Height to Top of Cab9.8 ft in2970 mm
G. Clearance at Max Dump Height9.3 ft in2840 mm
H. Reach at Max Dump Height30.3 ft in770 mm
I. Dig Depth4.1 in104 mm


MakeJohn Deere
Net Power122 hp91 kw
Power Measured @2000 rpm
Torque Measured @1300 rpm
Net Torque Rise33 %
Net Max Torque397 lb ft538.3 Nm
Operating Weight 2wd26500 lb12020 kg
Max Weight23000 lb10430 kg
Fuel Capacity69 gal261 L
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity42 gal159 L
Oil System Fluid Capacity5 gal19 L
Cooling System Fluid Capacity7.1 gal27 L
Transmission Fluid Capacity4 gal15 L
Front Axle Fluid Capacity2.8 gal10.6 L
Rear Axle Fluid Capacity4.2 gal16 L
Turning Radius10.6 ft in3230 mm
Tire Size Front - 2wd / 4wd15-19.5SS-1
Rear Tires Size 2wd/4wd21L-28R4
Operating Voltage12 V
Alternator Supplied Amperage90 amps
Type4-speed, helical cut gear, full power-shifted transmission with hydraulic reverser
Number of Forward Gears4
Number of Reverse Gears3
Max Speed - Forward23 mph37.1 km/h
Max Speed Reverse16.1 mph25.9 km/h
Dig Depth - Std17.8 ft in5440 mm
Dig Depth - Ext22.5 ft in6860 mm
Reach From Swivel - Std22.5 ft in6860 mm
Reach From Swivel - Ext26.7 ft in8130 mm
Bucket Dig Force - Std17000 lb7711.1 kg
Bucket Dig Force - Ext17000 lb7711.1 kg
Load at Max Lift - Std4376 lb1985 kg
Load at Max Lift - Ext2496 lb1132 kg
Load Height - Std14.3 ft in4340 mm
Load Height - Ext16 ft in4880 mm
Reach at Load Height - Std26.7 ft in8130 mm
Reach at Load Height - Ext30.8 ft in9400 mm
Bucket Capacity1.9 yd31.3 m3
Bucket Width36 in914 mm
Bucket Breakout Force14800 lb66 kN
Lift Capacity at Full Height8693 lb3943 kg
Clearance at Max Dump Height9.3 ft in2840 mm
Reach at Max Dump Height30.3 ft in770 mm
Dig Depth4.1 in104 mm
Pump TypeAxial-piston, PCLS system
Pump Flow Capacity52 gal/min197 L/min
Relief Valve Pressure3625 psi25000 kPa
Transport Length26.8 ft in8150 mm
Transport Width7.9 ft in2410 mm
Transport Height13.8 ft in4220 mm
Height to Top of Cab9.8 ft in2970 mm
Wheelbase8.2 ft in2511 mm
Ground Clearance1.2 ft in356 mm