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Doosan S55-VP Midi Excavator

Selected Dimensions

Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 1
A. Shipping Length of Unit19.2 ft in5850 mm
C. Shipping Height of Unit7.9 ft in2420 mm
I. Max Cutting Height18.9 ft in5774 mm
J. Max Loading Height13.3 ft in4048 mm
L. Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth10.1 ft in3070 mm
M. Max Digging Depth12.5 ft in3796 mm
B. Width to Outside of Tracks6.2 ft in1880 mm
D. Length of Track on Ground6.5 ft in1990 mm
E. Ground Clearance1.1 ft in350 mm
G. Height to Top of Cab8.4 ft in2556 mm
H. Tail Swing Radius5.4 ft in1650 mm
O. Counterweight Clearance2.2 ft in670 mm
N. Shoe Size15.7 in400 mm


Number of Cylinders4
Gross Power53.2 hp39.7 kw
Net Power51.1 hp38.1 kw
Power Measured @2200 rpm
Displacement168.8 cu in2.8 L
Max Torque144.6 lb ft196 Nm
Torque Measured @1400 rpm
Operating Weight12125.4 lb5500 kg
Fuel Capacity30.4 gal115 L
Cooling System Fluid Capacity2.6 gal10 L
Hydrauilc System Fluid Capacity21.1 gal80 L
Engine Oil Capacity2.6 gal9.7 L
Swing Drive Fluid Capacity0.4 gal1.5 L
Operating Voltage12 V
Hydraulic System Relief Valve Pressure2986 psi20587.7 kPa
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity29.1 gal/min110 L/min
Swing Mechanism
Swing Speed9 rpm
Number of Shoes per Side38
Shoe Size15.7 in400 mm
Number of Carrier Rollers per Side1
Number of Track Rollers per Side5
Ground Pressure4.4 psi30.4 kPa
Max Travel Speed2.4 mph3.8 km/h
Reference Bucket Capacity0.14 yd30.11 m3
Minimum Bucket Capacity0.14 yd30.11 m3
Maximum Bucket Capacity0.2 yd30.15 m3
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 1
Boom/Stick Option (HEX) 1Boom 9'10" (3000mm)/Stick 5'3" (1600mm)
Shipping Height of Unit7.9 ft in2420 mm
Shipping Length of Unit19.2 ft in5850 mm
Max Digging Depth12.5 ft in3796 mm
Max Cutting Height18.9 ft in5774 mm
Max Loading Height13.3 ft in4048 mm
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth10.1 ft in3070 mm
Width to Outside of Tracks6.2 ft in1880 mm
Height to Top of Cab8.4 ft in2556 mm
Ground Clearance1.1 ft in350 mm
Counterweight Clearance2.2 ft in670 mm
Tail Swing Radius5.4 ft in1650 mm
Length of Track on Ground6.5 ft in1990 mm