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John Deere JD770 Motor Grader

Selected Dimensions

A. Overall Length27.8 ft in8470 mm
B. Width Over Tires8 ft in2440 mm
C. Height to Top of Cab10.5 ft in3200 mm
D. Wheelbase19.6 ft in5970 mm
F. Front Ground Clearance1.9 ft in571 mm
G. Tandem Axle Wheelbase5.1 ft in1540 mm
H. Blade Base8.9 ft in2720 mm


MakeJohn Deere
Power Measured @2200 rpm
Torque Measured @1400 rpm
Net Power Gears 7-8142 hp105.9 kw
Number of Cylinders6
Max Power142 hp105.9 kw
Net Torque Gears 7-8440 lb ft596.6 Nm
Displacement531 cu in8.7 L
Std Operation Weight - Front Axle8220 lb3728.5 kg
Std Operation Weight - Rear Axle21625 lb9808.9 kg
Std Operation Weight - Total29845 lb13537.5 kg
Max Operation Weight - Front Axle8637 lb3917.7 kg
Max Operation Weight - Rear Axle24992 lb11336.2 kg
Max Operation Weight - Total33559 lb15222.1 kg
Fuel Capacity70 gal265 L
Oil System Fluid Capacity5.5 gal20.8 L
Cooling System Fluid Capacity10 gal37.9 L
Hydrauilc System Fluid Capacity31 gal117.3 L
Circle Gearbox Fluid Capacity0.74 gal2.8 L
Tandem Case Fluid Capacity (each)4 gal15.1 L
Tire Size14.00-24
Operating Voltage24 V
TypePower Shift
Number of Gears - Forward8
Number of Gears - Reverse4
Max Speed - Forward25.1 mph40.4 km/h
Max Speed - Reverse8.6 mph13.8 km/h
Articulation L/R25 degrees
Turning Radius22 ft in6.7 m
Front Axle
Wheel Lean20 degrees
Oscillation - Total30 degrees
Ground Clearance1.9 ft in571 mm
Hydraulic System
Pump TypeClosed Center Variable displacement
Pump Flow57 gal/min215.8 L/min
Relief Valve Pressure2250 psi15513.2 kPa
Moldboard Width12 ft in3657.6 mm
Moldboard Height24 in609.6 mm
Moldboard Thickness0.88 in22.4 mm
Side Shift Left26.9 in683 mm
Side Shift Right26.9 in683 mm
Diameter59.1 in1500 mm
Rotation360 degrees
Max Reach Outside Tires - Left92.1 in2340 mm
Max Reach Outside Tires - Right92.5 in2350 mm
Max Lift Above Ground17 in432 mm
Height to Top of Cab10.5 ft in3200 mm
Overall Length27.8 ft in8470 mm
Width Over Tires8 ft in2440 mm
Wheelbase19.6 ft in5970 mm
Blade Base8.9 ft in2720 mm
Tandem Axle Wheelbase5.1 ft in1540 mm
Front Ground Clearance1.9 ft in571 mm