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Komatsu GD655-5 Motor Grader

Selected Dimensions

A. Overall Length34.7 ft in10575 mm


Tandem Drive
Oscillating welded box section520 mm x 202 mm
Side wall thickness: Inner0.07 ft in22 mm
Side wall thickness: Outer0.06 ft in19 mm
Wheel axle spacing5 ft in1525 mm
Tandem oscillation11° forward, 13 ° reverse
Drawbar frame210 x 25 mm
Ripper Penetration Force20232.8 lb90 kN
Ripper Pry Out Force28685.6 lb127.6 kN
Number of Cylinders6
Piston displacement408.2 cu in6.7 L
TypeWater-cooled, 4 cycle, direct injection
Gross Power221.3 hp165 kw
Net Power218.6 hp163 kw
Air cleaner2-stage, dry-type
Max Torque694 lb ft941 Nm
Battery2, low maintenance plus, 12 volt, 1146 cca
Fan speedMax. 1500 rpm
Electrical24 volt with 90 amp alternator
Torque Rise31 %
Bore4.2 in107 mm
Stroke4.9 in124 mm
AspirationTurbocharged and air to air aftercooled
Front Frame Structure - Height0.98 ft in300 mm
Front Frame Structure - Width0.98 ft in300 mm
Front Frame Structure - Thickness0.05 ft in14 mm
Fuel Tank109.9 gal416 L
Cooling system6.6 gal24.9 L
Transmission11.9 gal45 L
Final Drive4.5 gal17 L
Tandem Housing15.1 gal57 L
Hydraulic system18.2 gal69 L
Circle reverse housing1.8 gal7 L
Crankcase6.1 gal23.1 L
Front Axle
Wheel Lean20 degrees
Oscillation - Total32 degrees
Ground Clearance2 ft in620 mm
TypeSolid bar construction welded steel sections
Blade Down pressure19665.2 lb8920 kg
Blade pull26091.7 lb11835 kg
Operating Weight - On rear wheels28990.8 lb13150 kg
Total Operating Weight40829.6 lb18520 kg
Operating Weight - On front wheels11841 lb5371 kg
Hydraulic System
Standby pressure500 psi3447.4 kPa
Maximum system pressure3000 psi20684.3 kPa
Output52.8 gal/min200 L/min
Moldboard Width12.2 ft in3710 mm
Moldboard Height25.4 in645 mm
Moldboard Thickness0.87 in22 mm
Arc radius1.1 ft in329 mm
Cutting Edge152 x 16 mm
Moldboard side shift: Right2.7 ft in820 mm
Moldboard side shift: Left2.7 ft in820 mm
Maximum shoulder reach outside rear tyres (frame straight): Right6.6 ft in2000 mm
Maximum shoulder reach outside rear tyres (frame straight): Left6.6 ft in2000 mm
Maximum lift above ground1.6 ft in480 mm
Maximum cutting depth2 ft in615 mm
Maximum blade angle90 degrees
Blade tip angle40 ° forward, 5 ° backward
Circle center shift: Right1.9 ft in590 mm
Circle center shift: Left1.8 ft in550 mm
Blade Length12.2 ft in3.7 m
Diameter60.2 in1530 mm
Steering Articulation Angle25 degrees
Track Gauge7.1 ft in2165 mm
Minimum turning radius24.3 ft in7.4 m
Maximum steering range49 degrees
Height: Low profile cab10.5 ft in3200 mm
Center of front axle to counterweight (Pusher)3 ft in927 mm
Center edge to center of front axle8.5 ft in2580 mm
Wheel base to center of tandem21.3 ft in6480 mm
Front tyre to rear bumper30.2 ft in9205 mm
Tandem wheelbase5 ft in1524 mm
Center of tandem to back of ripper9.1 ft in2780 mm
Overall length34.7 ft in10575 mm
Width of tyres8.5 ft in2600 mm
Width of moldboard (standard)14.2 ft in4320 mm
Width of moldboard (optional)12.2 ft in3710 mm
Ripper beam width7.6 ft in2305 mm
Clearance1.3 ft in390 mm