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Current number of specifications

Komatsu GD675-3 Motor Grader

Selected Dimensions

A. Overall Length32.4 ft in9865 mm
B. Width Over Tires8.4 ft in2550 mm
C. Height to Top of Cab10.2 ft in3120 mm
D. Wheelbase19.9 ft in6070 mm
G. Tandem Axle Wheelbase5 ft in1535 mm
H. Blade Base835 ft in2600 mm


Net Power Gear 1-2179.7 hp134 kw
Net Power Gear 3-4199.8 hp149 kw
Power Measured @1900 rpm
Net Power Gear 5-6199.8 hp149 kw
Torque Measured @1400 rpm
Net Power Gears 7-8199.8 hp149 kw
Number of Cylinders6
Max Power199.8 hp149 kw
Net Torque Gears 1-2612.2 lb ft830 Nm
Net Torque Gears 3-4719.1 lb ft975 Nm
Net Torque Gears 5-6719.1 lb ft975 Nm
Net Torque Gears 7-8719.1 lb ft975 Nm
Displacement504.7 cu in8.3 L
AspirationTurbocharged and air-to-air aftercooled
Std Operation Weight - Front Axle9479.9 lb4300 kg
Std Operation Weight - Rear Axle25375.2 lb11510 kg
Std Operation Weight - Total34855.1 lb15810 kg
Fuel Capacity89.8 gal340 L
Cooling System Fluid Capacity10.4 gal39.5 L
Hydrauilc System Fluid Capacity11.9 gal45 L
Transmission Fluid Capacity11.9 gal45 L
Circle Gearbox Fluid Capacity1.3 gal5 L
Tandem Case Fluid Capacity (each)21.9 gal83 L
Tire Sizelow pressure, tubeless, 17.5R25
Operating Voltage24 V
Alternator Supplied Amperage90 amps
TypeFull power shift transmission
Number of Gears - Forward8
Number of Gears - Reverse4
Max Speed - Forward26.2 mph42.2 km/h
Max Speed - Reverse23.8 mph38.3 km/h
Articulation L/R23 degrees
Turning Radius1.9 ft in6.9 m
Front Axle
Wheel Lean20 degrees
Oscillation - Total32 degrees
Ground Clearance2.7 ft in630 mm
Hydraulic System
Pump Typeload-sensing closed center hydraulics
Pump Flow51 gal/min194 L/min
Relief Valve Pressure3000 psi20600 kPa
Moldboard Width12 ft in3710 mm
Moldboard Height26 in660 mm
Moldboard Thickness1 in25 mm
Max Depth of Cut32.1 in815 mm
Side Shift Left32.3 in820 mm
Side Shift Right32.3 in820 mm
Diameter60.2 in1530 mm
Rotation360 degrees
Shift Left24.6 in625 mm
Shift Right24.6 in625 mm
Max Reach Outside Tires - Left78.7 in2000 mm
Max Reach Outside Tires - Right78.7 in2000 mm
Max Lift Above Ground19.9 in505 mm
Blade Tip Angle - Front40 degrees
Blade Tip Angle - Rear5 degrees
Height to Top of Cab10.2 ft in3120 mm
Overall Length32.4 ft in9865 mm
Width Over Tires8.4 ft in2550 mm
Wheelbase19.9 ft in6070 mm
Blade Base835 ft in2600 mm
Tandem Axle Wheelbase5 ft in1535 mm