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Komatsu 980E-4 Rock Truck

Selected Dimensions

A. Overall Length45.6 ft in13900 mm
C. Overall Height26.2 ft in8000 mm
D. Wheelbase2.2 ft in665 mm


Electric Drive
AlternatorGTA -39
ControlAC Torque Control System
Motorised WheelsGDY108-C Induction Traction Motors
Maximum speed (km/h)61
Dual Fan Main Blower340 m3/min 12,000 cfm
Electrical System
Alternator24 volt, 250 amp
Lighting24 volt
Cranking motorsTwo/24 volt
Suspension System
Front303 mm 11.92"
Rear239 mm 9.40"
Capacity Struck240.7 yd3184 m3
Heaped (2:1, SAE)327 yd3250 m3
StructureFlat floor configuration
Weight92001.1 lb41731 kg
Canopy sheet06mm 0.24" 690 Mpa 1,00,000 psi tensile strength steel
Front sheet10 mm 0.39" Outer, 12mm 0.47" Center, 1379 mPa 200,000 psi tensile strength steel
Side sheet10 mm 0.39" 1379 Mpa 2,00,000 psi tensile strength steel
Floor sheet16 mm 0.63" Outer, 19mm 0.75" Center, 1379 mPa 200,000 psi tensile strength steel
Payload814407.4 lb369409 kg
Loading Height23.5 ft in7.2 m
Number of Cylinders18
Power Measured @1900 rpm
Displacement4759.9 cu in78 L
Fuel TypeDiesel
Horse Power: SAE J19953500.1 hp2610 kw
Horse Power: ISO 9249 / SAE J13493345.9 hp2495 kw
Operating cycle4-cycle
Weight (Wet)25904.3 lb11750 kg
Weight (Dry)24802 lb11250 kg
Service Brake TypeOil-cooled, hydraulic-actuated, multiple disc brakes at each wheel.
Parking Brake Type​Multiple disc, spring-applied, hydraulically-released, dry brakes on inboard end of each wheel motor rotor shaft. Rated to hold on ±15% grade at maximum gross vehicle weight.
Emergency brakesOil-cooled, multiple disc front & rearAutomatically applied prior to hydraulic system pressure dropping below level required to meet secondary stopping requirements.
​Wheel brake locksSwitch-activated​
​Electric dynamic retarder (max.)Continuous at 4476 kW 6,000 hp
Max. service apply pressure (kPa)2749.9 psi18960 kPa
Total friction area per brake (cm2)103729
Fuel Tank1400.1 gal5300 L
Cooling system189.9 gal719 L
Hydraulic system350 gal1325 L
Crankcase90.1 gal341 L
Motor gear box25.1 gal95 L
Gross Weight1378499.7 lb625277 kg
Empty Weight564092.3 lb255868 kg
Weight Distribution Front - empty48 %
Weight Distribution Rear - empty52 %
Weight Distribution Front - loaded33 %
Weight Distribution Rear - loaded67 %
Standard tire59/80 R63
Hydraulic System
Hoist cylinder​Two 2-stage dual-acting outbound cylinders and internal cushion valve, over-centre damping
Relief pressureHoist and brake cooling- 17237 kPa 2,500 psi Steering and brake-20685 kPa 3,000 psi
Hoist timePower-up loaded: 21 sec; Power-down: 16 sec; Float-down empty:17 sec
Turning circle diameter (SAE)105 ft in32 m
Reservoir250 gal946.4 L
FiltrationIn-line replaceable elements
SuctionSingle, full flow, 100 mesh
Hoist and steeringDual, in-line, high pressure
PumpsTwo pumps, single package, end of alternator
Turning Radius42.3 ft in12900 mm
Overall Length45.6 ft in13900 mm
Overall Height26.2 ft in8000 mm
Wheelbase2.2 ft in665 mm
Width Over Tires-Front26.2 ft in7980 mm
Width Over Tires-Rear29.8 ft in9080 mm