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Komatsu HD405-7 Rock Truck

Selected Dimensions

A. Overall Length27.8 ft in8465 mm
B. Overall Width12 ft in3660 mm
C. Overall Height12.6 ft in3850 mm
D. Wheelbase12.3 ft in3750 mm


Electrical System
Alternator4V, 50 Ah
Batteries2 x 12V, 170 Ah
Starter motor11kW
Electric circuit breaker24 Volt
Capacity Struck26.2 yd320 m3
Heaped (2:1, SAE)35.7 yd327.3 m3
Payload5.241.0 metric tons 40 U.S. tons
Material150 kg/mm2 227520 psi high-tensile-strength steel
Material thickness-Bottom0.98 in24.9 mm
Material thickness-Front0.63 in16 mm
Material thickness-Sides0.55 in14 mm
Target area5590 mm x 3380 mm 18'4" x 11'1"
HeatingExhaust heating
StructureV-shape body
Dumping angle48 degrees
Height at full dump26 ft in7924.8 mm
Lubrication SystemMethod- Gear pump, force-lubrication, Filter-Full-flow type
Number of Cylinders6
TypeWater-cooled, 4-cycle
Air cleanerDry type with double elements and precleaner, plus dust indicator
GovernorElectronically controlled
Power Measured @2000 rpm
Displacement930 cu in15.2 L
Max Torque1598.3 lb ft2167 Nm
AspirationTurbo-charged,air-to-air after-cooled,cooled EGR
Bore and Stroke140 mm x 165 mm 5.5" x 6.5"
Horse Power: SAE J1995518 hp386.3 kw
Horse Power: ISO 9249 / SAE J1349498 hp371.4 kw
Fan drive typeMechanical
Fuel systemDirect injection
Fuel Tank127.9 gal484.2 L
Final Drive7.9 gal29.9 L
Hydraulic system34.1 gal129.1 L
Engine Oil13.2 gal50 L
Torque converter, transmission and retarder cooling23.8 gal90.1 L
Differentials11.9 gal45 L
Suspension11.7 gal44.3 L
Power Train
TypeTransmission, full automatic, electric control with clutch modulation. - Differential, standard.
Max Speed43.5 mph70 km/h
Torque converter3-elements, 1-stage, 2-phase
TransmissionFull-automatic, planetary type
Speed range7 speeds forward and 1 reverse
Lockup clutchWet, single-disc clutch
ForwardTorque converter drive in 1st gear, direct drive in 1st lockup and all higher gears
ReverseTorque converter drive
Shift controlElectronic shift control with automatic clutch modulation in all gear
Gross Weight165520 lb75078.6 kg
Empty Weight75840 lb34400.4 kg
Loaded Weight164200 lb74479.9 kg
Weight Distribution Front - empty50.7 %
Weight Distribution Rear - empty49.3 %
Weight Distribution Front - loaded32.8 %
Weight Distribution Rear - loaded67.2 %
Standard tire18.00 R33
Hydraulic System
Hoist cylinderTwin, 2-stage telescopic type
Relief pressure20.6 MPa 210 kg/cm2 2,990 psi
Hoist time10 sec
Final DrivePlanetary gear
Service brakeFront- Fully hydraulic control, caliper disc type; Rear- Fully hydraulic, oil-cooled, multiple-disc type
Parking brakeSpring applied, caliper disc type
RetarderOil-cooled, multiple-disc rear brakes act as retarder
Secondary brakeManual pedal operation. When hydraulic pressure drops below the rated level, parking brake is automatically actuated
Brake surfaceFront- 968 cm2 150 in2 ; Rear - 50847 cm2 7,881 in2
Overall Length27.8 ft in8465 mm
Overall Width12 ft in3660 mm
Overall Height12.6 ft in3850 mm
Wheelbase12.3 ft in3750 mm
Turning radius @ centre front tyre23.6 ft in7200 mm