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Caterpillar 235C Shovel

Selected Dimensions

B. Width Over Tracks11.3 ft in3450 mm
E. Ground Clearance1.7 in530 mm
G. Height to Top of Cab11.2 ft in3400 mm
Loading Shovel
Q. Max Cutting Height30.1 ft in9170 mm
R. Max Dump Height16.5 ft in5030 mm
S. Max Dig Reach27.3 ft in8330 mm
N. Loading Shovel Shoe Width18 in457 mm


Gross Power250 hp186.4 kw
Displacement640.7 cu in10.5 L
Fuel Capacity130 gal492 L
Max Travel Speed2 mph3.2 km/h
Backhoe Shoe Width 129.9 in760 mm
Backhoe Shoe Width 235.8 in910 mm
Backhoe Operating Weight - Shoe 192902.8 lb42140 kg
Backhoe Ground Pressure - Shoe 18.8 psi60.6 kPa
Backhoe Ground Pressure - Shoe 27.5 psi51.5 kPa
Loading Shovel Shoe Width18 in457 mm
Loading Shovel Operating Weight26477.5 lb12010 kg
Loading Shovel Ground Pressure15 psi103.3 kPa
Backhoe Boom / Stick 1
Backhoe Boom / StickStick 8'0" (2440mm)
Max Dig Depth22.9 ft in6970 mm
Max Vertical Wall Dig Depth15.7 ft in4790 mm
Max Cutting Height31.3 ft in9550 mm
Max Dump Height20.7 ft in6310 mm
Max Reach on Ground35.7 ft in10880 mm
Backhoe Boom / Stick 2
Backhoe Boom / StickStick 9'6" (2900mm)
Max Dig Depth24.4 ft in7430 mm
Max Vertical Wall Dig Depth17 ft in5190 mm
Max Cutting Height31.8 ft in9680 mm
Max Dump Height21.1 ft in6440 mm
Max Reach on Ground37.1 ft in11300 mm
Backhoe Boom / Stick 3
Backhoe Boom / StickStick 12'0" (3660mm)
Max Dig Depth26.9 ft in8190 mm
Max Vertical Wall Dig Depth19.3 ft in5880 mm
Max Cutting Height32.5 ft in9900 mm
Max Dump Height21.9 ft in6660 mm
Max Reach on Ground39.4 ft in12000 mm
Loading Shovel
Max Cutting Height30.1 ft in9170 mm
Max Dump Height16.5 ft in5030 mm
Max Dig Reach27.3 ft in8330 mm
Width Over Tracks11.3 ft in3450 mm
Height to Top of Cab11.2 ft in3400 mm
Length of Tracks16.5 ft in5020 mm
Ground Clearance1.7 in530 mm
Upper Structure Ground Clearance3.7 ft in1120 mm