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B. Width Over Tracks17.4 ft in5300 mm
D. Length of Track on Ground18.1 ft in5510 mm
E. Ground Clearance3.3 in1000 mm
G. Height to Top of Cab21.5 ft in6540 mm
Loading Shovel
Q. Max Cutting Height42.3 ft in12900 mm
R. Max Dump Height33.1 ft in10100 mm
S. Max Dig Reach41.7 ft in12700 mm
T. Max Dig Depth6.9 ft in2100 mm
F. Track Gauge14.8 ft in4500 mm
N. Loading Shovel Shoe Width31.5 in800 mm


Model2 x C18
Gross Power1150 hp857.6 kw
Net Power1104 hp823.3 kw
Power Measured @1800 rpm
Displacement1105 cu in18.1 L
AspirationTurbocharged and charge air cooled
Number of Cylinders6
Fuel Capacity845.4 gal3200 L
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity528.3 gal2000 L
Swing Speed4.6 rpm
Operating Voltage24 V
Max Travel Speed1.5 mph2.4 km/h
Number of Upper Rollers2
Number of Lower Rollers8
Number of Track Shoes per Side47
Track Gauge14.8 ft in4500 mm
Backhoe Shoe Width 131.5 in800 mm
Backhoe Operating Weight - Shoe 1385809 lb175000 kg
Backhoe Ground Pressure - Shoe 125.6 psi176.5 kPa
Loading Shovel Shoe Width31.5 in800 mm
Loading Shovel Operating Weight379195.1 lb172000 kg
Loading Shovel Ground Pressure25.2 psi173.7 kPa
Backhoe Boom / Stick 1
Backhoe Boom / Stickboom 27'11'' (8500mm) w/ stick 14'9'' (4500mm)
Max Dig Depth27.9 ft in8500 mm
Max Cutting Height43.3 ft in13200 mm
Loading Shovel
Loading Shovelboom 23' (6400mm) w/ stick 13'5'' (4100mm)
Max Dig Depth6.9 ft in2100 mm
Max Cutting Height42.3 ft in12900 mm
Max Dump Height33.1 ft in10100 mm
Max Dig Reach41.7 ft in12700 mm
Reference Bucket Capacity10.5 yd38 m3
Minimum Bucket Capacity10.5 yd38 m3
Maximum Bucket Capacity13.1 yd310 m3
Width Over Tracks17.4 ft in5300 mm
Height to Top of Cab21.5 ft in6540 mm
Length of Tracks23.5 ft in7150 mm
Length of Track on Ground18.1 ft in5510 mm
Ground Clearance3.3 in1000 mm
Upper Structure Ground Clearance6.6 ft in2015 mm
Height of Tracks6.2 ft in1895 mm