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Caterpillar 525B Skidder

Selected Dimensions

A. Overall Length21.3 ft in6487 mm
B. Overall Width11.1 ft in3385 mm
C. Height to Top of Cab10.6 ft in3233 mm
D. Wheelbase11.6 ft in3533 mm
E. Ground Clearance1.5 ft in463 mm
G. Height of Grapple from Ground6 ft in1829 mm
H. Reach of Grapple at Ground Level8.9 ft in2725.4 mm
I. Tong Opening at Tips8.3 in2540 mm


Model3126 DITA Diesel
Gross Power180 hp134.2 kw
Net Power160 hp119.3 kw
Displacement441.8 cu in7.2 L
Operating Weight35800 lb16238.6 kg
Fuel Capacity83.2 gal314.9 L
Cooling System Fluid Capacity13.2 gal50 L
Engine Oil Capacity7.1 gal27 L
Front Diff Fluid Capacity13.7 gal52 L
Rear Diff Fluid Capacity13.7 gal52 L
Transmission Fluid Capacity14.3 gal54 L
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity32.5 gal122.9 L
Tire Size30.5 x 32
Number of Forward Gears5
Number of Reverse Gears3
Max Speed - Forward17.1 mph27.5 km/h
Max Speed - Reverse11.6 mph18.6 km/h
Pump TypeAxial Piston
Overall Width11.1 ft in3385 mm
Blade Width8.8 ft in2678 mm
Height to Top of Cab10.6 ft in3233 mm
Wheelbase11.6 ft in3533 mm
Ground Clearance1.5 ft in463 mm
Single Function Arch
Overall Length22.7 in6911 mm
Height of Grapple From Ground9.5 ft in2893 mm
Tong Opening at Tips8.3 ft in2540 mm
Grapple Capacity - tongs tip to tip23649.4 ft22197.1 m2
Overall Length21.3 ft in6487 mm
Height of Grapple From Ground6 ft in1829 mm
Reach of Grapple at Ground Level8.9 ft in2725.4 mm
Tong Opening at Tips8.3 in2540 mm
Grapple Capacity - tongs tip to tip8.9 ft20.83 m2
Drum Diameter10 in254 mm
Drum Capacity at Cable Width147.6 ft in45 m
Max Line Pull - bare drum39341.6 lb175 kN
Max Line Speed339.9 ft/min103.6 m/min