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Caterpillar 345C Mh Material Handler

Selected Dimensions

Boom/Stick Option
I. Max Height55.4 ft in16900 mm
J. Max Reach Along Ground54.1 ft in16500 mm
A. Shipping Length45.5 ft in13861 mm
B. Undercarriage Width14.7 ft in4470 mm
C. Shipping Height17.8 ft in5428 mm
E. Ground Clearance2.4 ft in743 mm
G. Height to Top of Cab - fixed riser17.8 ft in5428 mm
L. Upperstructure Clearance4.8 ft in1474 mm


ModelC13 ACERT
Net Power345 hp257.3 kw
Displacement762.8 cu in12.5 L
Operating Weight w/o Attachment12615 lb5722.1 kg
Fuel Capacity186.2 gal705 L
Cooling System Fluid Capacity16.1 gal61 L
Engine Oil Capacity11.1 gal42 L
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity150.6 gal570 L
Max Drawbar Pull74380 lb33738.2 kg
Max Speed2.7 mph4.4 km/h
Swing Mechanism
Swing Torque109896.8 lb ft149000 Nm
Swing Speed8.6 rpm
Track Undercarriage
Shoe Size29.5 in750 mm
Track Gauge12.2 ft in3720 mm
Number of Shoes per Side52
Number of Track Rollers per Side9
Pump Typetwo variable-displacement, axial-piston
Pump Capacity43.1 gal/min163 L/min
Relief Pressure4000 psi27579 kPa
Shipping Length45.5 ft in13861 mm
Undercarriage Width14.7 ft in4470 mm
Shipping Height17.8 ft in5428 mm
Height to Top of Cab - Fixed Riser17.8 ft in5428 mm
Upperstructure Clearance4.8 ft in1474 mm
Ground Clearance2.4 ft in743 mm
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 1
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 1Machine equipped with 16.5m (54'2'') front linkage
Max Reach Along Ground54.1 ft in16500 mm
Max Height55.4 ft in16900 mm
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 2
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 2Machine equipped with 18.0m (59'11) front linkage
Max Reach Along Ground59.1 ft in18000 mm
Max Height59.1 ft in18000 mm