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Caterpillar M322D MH Material Handler

Selected Dimensions

Boom/Stick Option
I. Max Height41 ft in12500 mm
J. Max Reach Along Ground35.5 ft in10820 mm
K. Max Depth6.3 ft in1920 mm
A. Shipping Length31.3 ft in9550 mm
B. Undercarriage Width9 ft in2750 mm
C. Shipping Height11 ft in3350 mm
E. Ground Clearance1.1 ft in325 mm
G. Height to Top of Cab - fixed riser10.6 ft in3240 mm
H. Height to Top of Cab - hydraulic riser raised18.5 ft in5640 mm
L. Upperstructure Clearance4.3 ft in1310 mm
Wheel Undercarriage
D. Wheelbase9 ft in2750 mm
F. Width w/ Stabilizers on Ground13 ft in3960 mm


ModelC6.6 ACERT
Gross Power173 hp129 kw
Net Power165 hp123 kw
Power Measured @2000 rpm
Displacement402.8 cu in6.6 L
Operating Weight w/o Attachment51918.9 lb23550 kg
Fuel Capacity101.7 gal385 L
Cooling System Fluid Capacity8.7 gal33 L
Engine Oil Capacity4 gal15 L
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity88.5 gal335 L
Max Drawbar Pull lb kg
Number of Forward Gears2
Number of Reverse Gears2
Max Speed15.5 mph25 km/h
Swing Mechanism
Swing Torque41525 lb ft56300.3 Nm
Swing Speed9 rpm
Pump Capacity92.5 gal/min350 L/min
Relief Pressure5076 psi34997.8 kPa
Wheel Undercarriage
Steering Angle35 degrees
Axel Oscillation6 degrees
Wheelbase9 ft in2750 mm
Width w/ Stabilizers on Ground13 ft in3960 mm
Shipping Length31.3 ft in9550 mm
Undercarriage Width9 ft in2750 mm
Shipping Height11 ft in3350 mm
Height to Top of Cab - Fixed Riser10.6 ft in3240 mm
Height to Top of Cab - Hydraulic Riser Raised18.5 ft in5640 mm
Upperstructure Clearance4.3 ft in1310 mm
Ground Clearance1.1 ft in325 mm
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 1
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 1Boom 6.8m w / drop nose 4.9m
Max Reach Along Ground35.5 ft in10820 mm
Max Height41 ft in12500 mm
Max Depth6.3 ft in1920 mm
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 2
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 2Boom 6.8m w / drop nose 5.9m
Max Reach Along Ground39.5 ft in12050 mm
Max Height43.6 ft in13300 mm
Max Depth9.6 ft in2920 mm
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 3
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 3Boom 6.8m w / stick 4.8m
Max Reach Along Ground37 ft in11280 mm
Max Height40.8 ft in12430 mm
Max Depth6 ft in1820 mm