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Liebherr A944CHD Material Handler

Selected Dimensions

Boom/Stick Option
I. Max Height68.9 ft in21000 mm
J. Max Reach Along Ground52.5 ft in16000 mm
K. Max Depth11.5 ft in3500 mm
A. Shipping Length46.6 ft in14200 mm
B. Undercarriage Width12.5 ft in3800 mm
C. Shipping Height19.4 ft in5900 mm
E. Ground Clearance1.8 ft in540 mm
L. Upperstructure Clearance13.1 ft in3980 mm
Wheel Undercarriage
D. Wheelbase11.8 ft in3600 mm


ModelD 936 L
Gross Power258 hp190 kw
Displacement640.7 cu in10.5 L
Aspirationturbo-charged and after-cooled, reduced emissions
Operating Weight w/o Attachment126300 lb57288.7 kg
Fuel Capacity174.4 gal660 L
Hydraulic System Fluid Capacity195.5 gal740 L
Operating Voltage24 V
Alternator Supplied Amperage80 amps
Max Speed6.2 mph10 km/h
Swing Mechanism
Swing Torque lb ft125 Nm
Swing Speed8 rpm
Pump Type2 x Liebherr variable flow, swash plate pumps
Pump Capacity80 gal/min303 L/min
Wheel Undercarriage
Tire SizeO 1660mm, Width 600mm
Wheelbase11.8 ft in3600 mm
Shipping Length46.6 ft in14200 mm
Undercarriage Width12.5 ft in3800 mm
Shipping Height19.4 ft in5900 mm
Upperstructure Clearance13.1 ft in3980 mm
Ground Clearance1.8 ft in540 mm
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 1
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 19.5m boom / 808m stick
Max Reach Along Ground52.5 ft in16000 mm
Max Height68.9 ft in21000 mm
Max Depth11.5 ft in3500 mm
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 2
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 29.5m boom / 9.5m stick
Max Reach Along Ground54.8 ft in16700 mm
Max Height71.2 ft in21700 mm
Max Depth13.8 ft in4200 mm
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 3
Boom/Stick Option (MAT) 39.5m boom / 8.8m stick and grapple model 70 C
Max Reach Along Ground59.1 ft in18000 mm
Max Height62.3 ft in19000 mm
Max Depth21 ft in6400 mm