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Komatsu PC8000-6 Shovel


Electric Drive
Type2 x Squirrel cage induction motor
Power Output1944.5 hp1450 kw
Voltage6.000 – 7.200 V
Amperage (approximate)2 x 155 A - 2 x 128 A
Frequency standard60 Hz @ 1800 rpm
Frequency option50 Hz @ 1500 rpm
Electrical System
System24 V
Alternator140 A
Standard working lights14 LED lights
Standard service lightsthroughout the platform
Number of Alternators2
Batteries (series/parallel)-Diesel Version8 x 12 V
Batteries (series/parallel)-Electric Version4 x 12 V
Swing System
Hydraulic motors and drives3
Swing brake, serviceHydraulic brake
Swing brake, parkingWet, multiple-disc
Swing ring teethExternal
Swing speed (maximum)2.7 rpm
Number of Cylinders16
Tier 2 engine: Model2 x Komatsu SDA16V160E-2
Type4-cycle, water-cooled, direct injection
GovernorAll-speed, electronic
Rated power hp kw
AspirationTurbocharged and aftercooled
Backhoe Capacity42 m3 55 yd3 SAE 1:1 heaped
Shovel Capacity42 m3 55 yd3 SAE 2:1 heaped
Fuel Tank3680 gal13930.3 L
Hydraulic Tank2050 gal7760.1 L
Hydraulic system3040 gal11507.7 L
Engine Oil77 gal291.5 L
Engine coolant114 gal431.5 L
Reserve engine oil make up tank279 gal1056.1 L
Number of Engine coolant tanks2
Number of Engine oil tanks2
Number of Reserve engine oil make up tanks2
Track AdjustmentAutomatic hydraulic type
Number of top rollers per side3
Number of bottom rollers per side8
Centre frameH-type
Track frameSteel box-section
Number of Track Shoes per Side49
Operating Weight752 – 771 ton / 1,658,200 – 1,700,100 Ib
Hydraulic System
Relief valve setting
Swing flow rate547 gal/min2070.6 L/min
High pressure in line filters200 microns one per pump located at the valve blocks
rated flow(total output)2187.3 gal/min8280 L/min
Service brakeHydraulic brake
Parking brakeWet, multiple-disk
Travel speed1.5 mph2.4 km/h
GradeabilityUp to 50 %
Travel control2 foot pedals
Backhoe Boom length37.7 ft in11500 mm
Backhoe Stick length18 ft in5500 mm
Backhoe Break-out force (ISO)466928.1 lb2077 kN
Tear-out force (ISO)407578.6 lb1813 kN
Backhoe Max. dumping height36.7 ft in11200 mm
Backhoe Max. digging depth26.2 ft in8000 mm
Backhoe Max. digging reach67.9 ft in20700 mm
Max. digging height55.4 ft in16900 mm
Max. digging reach at ground level64.3 ft in19600 mm
Front shovel Boom length26.7 ft in8150 mm
Front shovel Stick length18.9 ft in5750 mm
Front shovel Break-out force (ISO)524029.6 lb2331 kN
Crowd force (ISO)528975.4 lb2353 kN
Max. cutting height68.6 ft in20900 mm
Level crowd at ground level19 ft in5800 mm
Bucket opening width10.5 ft in3200 mm
Front shovel Max. dumping height45.6 ft in13900 mm
Front shovel Max. digging depth9.8 ft in3000 mm
Front shovel Max. digging reach58.4 ft in17800 mm