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Ford F350 Cab and Chassis

Selected Dimensions

C. Height to Top of Cab1.8 ft in535.9 mm


Wheelbase Option (CCT) 1
Wheelbase141.6 in3596.6 mm
Overall Length19.3 ft in5887.7 mm
Wheelbase Option (CCT) 2
Wheelbase148 in3759.2 mm
Overall Length19.9 ft in6050.3 mm
Wheelbase Option (CCT) 3
Wheelbase164.2 in4170.7 mm
Overall Length21.2 ft in6461.8 mm
Wheelbase Option (CCT) 4
Wheelbase159.8 in4058.9 mm
Overall Length20.8 ft in6350 mm
Wheelbase Option (CCT) 5
Wheelbase176 in4470.4 mm
Overall Length22.2 ft in6761.5 mm
Height to Top of Cab1.8 ft in535.9 mm